Chapter 521 Asking To Be Snubbed

Although Jada used to have a relationship with Joel, they broke up later following an argument. Joel never touched her and neither did he admit that she was his girlfriend. Moreover, the last time, he had publicly revealed her intention of getting close to him. No matter how shameless Jada was, sometimes, she had to watch her own actions. Therefore, at this moment, she could pretend nothing had happened between them, but she could not offer herself to him brazenly. In fact, Joel was not his usual self today. Normally, he was not interested in conversing with other women, let alone Jada. Tonight, however, he allowed her to sit down and accompany them while they drank. Obviously, he was in a terrible mood. “Young Master Foster, what is it that annoyed you today? Do you mind telling me?” Jada found that Joel did not reject her today, which meant that she might have a chance. So, she feigned curiosity and probed him. Joel eyed her in a doubtful manner. He knew what Jada

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