Chapter 553 Come See Her

In reality, there was another important reason. Lucy Katz knew that this was one of the Foster Corporation’s establishments. In other words, Joel Foster was the boss here. Since she did not want Joel to know anything about her situation, she did not take the initiative to bring her mother here. Now, all this was no longer relevant because Joel already knew everything and her mother was already here. Since she had such a great opportunity, she did not want to let it go. That was why Lucy was in a hurry to meet her mother’s new attending doctor to get caught up on her mother’s condition. Joel already knew about Mama Katz’s illness, so he could not ignore it and had to intervene. He had Mama Katz transferred over and arranged for the best doctors in the country along with the best medical team for her. The attending doctor that Joel had arranged for Mama Katz was a foreigner called Andy. He was one of the most internationally-respected cardiologists. Before this, he was un

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