Chapter 556 Spread Gossip

Lucy Katz was never an actress that was picky and troublesome. She understood that a screenwriter’s job was not easy. Basically, she would not change the script unless there was something that went against her principles. She only had a slight concern about one thing. As she thought about it, she asked, “My previous film was of a suspense genre. If I were to act in this suspense movie, do you think it’ll be too repetitive?” Evidently, Director Coombs had also thought about this. He explained in a gentle tone, ”It’s different. First of all, the previous project was a series and this is a movie, so it’s already different by nature. “Moreover, even though this movie’s storyline is aligned with the suspense genre, it has a more comedic style. So strictly speaking, this movie is a comedy. Compared to your previous show, their styles are worlds apart, so there won’t be a risk of repetition.” Lucy heard this and felt relieved. She then nodded her head. “I understand. I’ll let m

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