Chapter 581 Getting Made Fun Of

As soon as Lizzy said that, everybody was stunned. Nell was the first to react. She quickly squatted down to cover Lizzy’s open mouth. Then, she displayed an awkward smile to Lucy and spoke, “I’m so sorry. Kids say the darndest things. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” After all, judging by Lucy’s tone earlier, she did not admit to being in a relationship with Joel. Since they were not together, having a baby was out of the question. Nell was Lucy’s boss, but she felt that her daughter’s sudden utterance had offended the couple. Lucy’s face was red with embarrassment as well. She quickly shook her head. “No offense taken.” Joel came to his senses too. He coughed awkwardly and immediately changed the subject to avoid talking about such topics in front of a child. “Sis-in-law, it’s getting late. We’ll head there.” Nell nodded. “Go, then. Enjoy yourselves.” Then, Joel led Lucy away. Once they were gone, Nell exhaled a pent-up sigh of relief. Meanwhile.

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