Chapter 594 Lend Her His Shoulder

Joel knew for a long time that this operation was safe. However, without actually hearing the results firsthand, he would still be worried no matter what. Now, the surgery was truly a success. He also lived up to Lucy’s hopes. Thinking of this, Joel let the doctors retreat and rest first. Naturally, someone sent Lucy’s mother, who had just finished the operation, to the intensive care unit to personally watch over her. Since she had not passed the critical 48-hour period, Lucy was not allowed to see her yet. She could only glance through the thick glass from afar. On the white hospital bed, her mother lay down there, thin and pale. The heartbeat on the monitor next to her beat regularly, but tears started to flow as she watched it. At some point, Joel came up to her from behind. He reached out and took her into his arms. Then, he raised his hand to hold the back of her head to press it on his shoulder. He said gently, “Cry. You’ll feel better after crying.” Lucy could not

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