Chapter 631 Announce Immediately

”Lu, at this romantic time, are you sure you want to talk about such a depressing topic?” Lucy Katz curled up her lips. “I’m just worried that if you got photographed, then all our efforts would be wasted. When that time comes, your mother will break us up and we can’t even retaliate.” Although Joel Foster knew that Lucy was right, he still could not help but feel upset. He snorted and frowned. “One year later, we must announce it to the world immediately!” Lucy saw his dissatisfied face and could not hold back her laughter. “Okay, whatever you say. We’ll go public as soon as one year is up.” Joel felt much better after that. He lowered his head to look at her and said, “Don’t worry. I came in a disguise. No one saw me.” Lucy felt more at ease when she heard this. She lifted her arms and put them around his neck. “Then you should stay here tonight and leave tomorrow.” To her surprise, Joel squinted and smiled deviously. “Wifey, I have to discuss something with you.” Lucy

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