Chapter 63 Reclaiming His Role As A Husband

Nell was caught in the moment before lifting her head to meet Gideon’s handsome face. Startled, she quickly sat up. Due to the limited space in the car and lanky build of this man, erecting her body while on his lap saw her head hitting the roof of the car. “Careful now!” Owing to Gideon’s quick reflexes, he extended his arm on time to provide a barrier over her head. Nell knocked right into his palm. Pressing her down on his lap for a seat, Gideon spoke with a gruff, “Don’t move, we’re almost home.” Nell kept still and asked in a daze, “I fell asleep?” “Yes but you caught a cold. I’ll have Aunt Joyce make you ginger broth when we’re home.” With a frown, Nell reached to touch her forehead. It was burning a little. The duo got down when the car reached the house. Gideon instructed the kitchen to make ginger broth before sending Nell to her room for a hot bath. With the residence equipped with central heating and a hot bath good for a cold, Nell obediently took hee

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