Chapter 653 Fulfill Filial Duty

“If he didn’t keep the old master out of harm’s way in those days, the old master wouldn’t be able to live out his years in the south. The Katz family are not of humble stock, do you get me?” Lucy finally realized that Xavier was placing her in a higher social status on purpose. With her head slightly hung low, she forced a smile. “I understand.” Xavier gazed at her and softly sighed. A fatherless child sometimes had no choice but to put their pride away. A person without backing was not in a position to be willful and do as they pleased as they would risk losing everything following one false move. Without another word, he led them to the dining hall. During this time, the maids already had the sumptuous banquet ready in the dining hall. Natalie might not like Lucy, but she was not going to ruin the mood of the rare gathering today. Hence, she was instructing the maids to arrange the cutleries and as such. When they came into the room, Natalie swept a glance at Luc

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