Chapter 711 Leaping Off The Plane

Nell saw it clearly and she was right. Those two men had been following them. Nell’s sixth sense fitted perfectly with what was going on. With an evil grin, the man raised his gun. Nell was shocked and instinctively tried to evade him. At the same time, a dark figure swept past. A loud bang was heard. The man had been kicked and collapsed onto the floor. Then, she heard Nancy’s cry. “Nelly, come here!” Nell was alarmed! She ran towards her. They had no idea why those two men wanted to tackle them, but it was obvious that they did not do a proper investigation on the women. They assumed Nell and Nancy were just two regular young women. Therefore, they never expected Nancy to be so agile and athletic. Evidently, these two men were assassins hired by someone. Yet, they risked the lives of all passengers on board in order to kill them. This angered Nell a lot. The two women dashed towards the exit and had their parachutes ready. Suddenly, a plane flew towards their

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