Chapter 714 Kind of Pitiful

This group of children had lived in the village all their lives. How could they have ever tried a snack before? Their eyes brightened at once when they heard Nell’s words. “Yes! Yes!” Nell grinned and thought that even though this group of kids did behave a little strangely, they were at least cute. It was nothing for her to make rice crackers for them. As a mother herself, she had a natural liking toward children. She could never think to be wary of them. The kitchen was bathed in darkness when they entered. Fortunately, there was an average-sized window on the left wall. She pushed it open to let the sunlight streamed into the kitchen, and the once ill-lit space looked so much brighter now. This village had no electrical supply, which meant they did not have a gas stove as well. Nell turned and looked at the kids behind her. “Who knows how to start a fire?” she asked. Everyone raised their hands up eagerly and shouted, “I know!” “I know! I know!” “I know too!”

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