Chapter 735 Got Into Town

Nell Jennings nodded. Only then did Nell and Gregory Graham head to the car together. Nancy Murray had already received Nell’s signal and knew that Nell would find a chance to take care of that Big Brother. Later on, she would just have to wait for Nell to return and then take care of the one left behind together. Unexpectedly, after a long time, Nancy finally waited for Nell to return. However, she found that two people walked back. She was stunned and surprised, and for a moment, she thought that she had misunderstood Nell. Now, in this situation, she did not know what to do. Should she continue to do it? Or were they waiting? Did something change midway? Nancy sat there with a confused face. Nell was also helpless and secretly gave Nancy a look. Nancy understood that look, shut her mouth, and did not say anything. She climbed into the car, and when that brother saw them return, he warmly exchanged pleasantries with Gregory. Gregory could actually answer him with a fluent

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