Chapter 804 It’s Her Scheme

After Yuliana Lynch had expressed her gratitude, Gregory Graham asked her to leave. Then, he asked Mr. Osborne to make some tea and continued his discussion with Shimon Flinders. Up until sunset. Gregory and Shimon walked out of the drawing room together. Gregory sent his guest to the entrance and said, "Mr. Flinders, since you have something to do, I won't keep you for dinner. Let’s talk in more detail when we have time." Shimon nodded and seemed to have remembered something. He suddenly said, "Gregory, that lady staying here...If there's no other situation, I hope you can treat her well on my behalf." Gregory raised his eyebrows. Obviously, it was a bit abrupt and impolite to say this as a guest. However, Gregory did not question him and just nodded with a smile. "Mr. Flinders, since you’ve said it, I’m naturally obligated to do so." Shimon stalled. He looked at Gregory with a meaningful look, but did not say anything in the end and turned to leave. The car then disappeared

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