Chapter 806 Cold-Hearted

How could Gregory Graham ever listen to Vickie Thomas? His face sank and he pushed her out anyway. After all, Vickie was injured and could not fight back. She could not allow herself to fall out of the wheelchair just to oppose him and end up with more injuries. It was simply not worth it. Therefore, she was forcefully pushed away by him. Vickie was infuriated and her breathing quickened due to her anger. She gritted her teeth and yelled. "Gregory Graham! You're a f*cking bastard!" Gregory was unfazed by the woman’s insults. He just had a sullen face as he pushed her to the main building. After they got to the lobby, he picked her up from her wheelchair and carried her upstairs to the bedroom. Vickie was shocked. She secretly cursed him and struggled. "Gregory Graham! Why did you bring me here? Let go of me!" Gregory kept silent as he carried her to the bedroom and slammed the door shut with his foot. Then he went to the bedside and put her down. When Vickie’s body touched

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