Chapter 809 Let’s Make A Bet

It was only with an unintentional glance that Gregory Graham remembered where that familiarity came from. Shimon Flinders, the President of the Jinzhou Chamber of Commerce and the Current Head of the Overseas Flinders, had a wife who had died 8 years ago due to an illness. Yuliana Lynch actually bore a striking resemblance to that wife of his. After Gregory discovered this, he secretly looked into it. Originally, he did not hold out much hope, but unexpectedly, once he investigated, he found out that Shimon Flinder’s wife was also from China. The Flinders and Gregory had always had business dealings and used to have a pretty good relationship. In recent years, with a power shift from both sides, their positions began to change. Their current business relationship was more hostile than it was amicable. It was only because they had known each other for too long and understood each other too well that they still maintained a good relationship on the surface and did not tear each oth

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