Chapter 820 Hard To Refuse Kindness

Vickie suddenly thought about what Andrea said about concubines earlier, and a faint mocking light surfaced under her eyes. “Do you need something?” She spoke casually. Yuliana seemed to be especially happy today. She swayed her hips as she walked up to Vickie and said, “It’s nothing. Gregory just sent someone to bring a lot of good things over, so I thought, since you’re also here, I specially sent over a few for you. I can’t just enjoy all the good stuff myself. Look.” As she spoke, she waved her hand, and Ginny immediately came over with a tray. Yuliana picked up the contents of the tray and put them on the table in front of her. “A first-rate Changbai Mountain Ginseng. If stewed, not only can it beautify your skin, it’s also good for longevity. You can have this.” Vickie’s gaze fell on the ginseng that had been thrown on the table. At this moment, Andrea just happened to finish putting away the dishes and was making her way back when she saw this scene, and her expr

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