Chapter 829 No Favors Owed

What reason did Vickie have to not treasure her life and take revenge? Her eyes became colder as she thought about it. As if Gregory could sense the gloomy atmosphere around her, his eyes narrowed, and he spoke in a low voice, “Don't worry, I will assist you with your revenge and kill those people.” This time, Vickie did not reject it. “Thank you.” She knew his influence was very powerful. She also knew that while she also could have done things herself, the risk was much higher, and the chances of succeeding much lower. With Gregory, her odds were different. He had influence, smarts, connections. As long as you stood with him, you were part of his network, and you would be much, much more powerful. The two went straight to Vickie’s room in the secondary building. Gregory then loosened his hold on the wheelchair and turned to Andrea. “You can take a break, we’ll be talking here for a while.” Andrea was naturally happy to see this, so she smiled as she acknowledged the order

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