Chapter 837 Dejected

From the very beginning, all the warmth and friendship they had was nothing more than a lie. Everyone knew that it was fake. She was the only one that adamantly clung to the feelings of warmth and friendship, going through hell and back for them. Vickie fell silent. Gregory probably guessed what she was thinking but did not interrupt. He knew that she would have found out regardless. She had to know the hard truth. Only when faced with the truth could she understand to make the right choices. The car hummed steadily as they drove back to the chateau. As they got out, Gregory did not carry her this time but instead, placed her in her wheelchair and allowed her to move herself. All the maids in the chateau were dumbstruck seeing her back. What was happening? Miss Thomas was kicked out of the chateau for poisoning Miss Lynch, was she not? Why was she back? Within the crowd, Yuliana was not seen. Gregory did not tell her about the incident but vaguely hinted at it. He would

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