Chapter 868 So Careless

”How old are you? Look at how careless you are." Gregory looked at Vickie angrily. However, at this point, how could she notice this? The doctor had previously said that there was a 48-hour monitoring period, and only after he survived those 48 hours could he be considered to be completely out of danger. That was why Vickie had been monitoring him by staying by his bed for the past two days. Now that he was finally awake, how could she not be happy? Vickie's excitement could not be concealed, and as Gregory looked at her, his eyes brightened. It would be a lie to say that he was not moved. However, as this surge of overwhelming emotion arose, it gave him a complicated feeling. Not noticing the change in his mood, Vickie said with concern, "How are you? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere? Does your wound still hurt?" Gregory held her small hand that was blindly touching him everywhere and replied, "I'm fine. It doesn't hurt." After a pause, he asked, "How long have I been un

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