Chapter 873 A Generous Trousseau

Nevertheless, she had nothing to hide at this point, so Andrea nodded. She murmured, “He doesn’t know about my feelings. I never spoke to him about it.” She paused before looking at Vickie with expectant eyes. Then, she whispered, “Sister Vickie, how should a girl win the heart of a boy she likes?” She really had no idea since she had never been in a relationship. As her first time falling for a man, Andrea only had her eyes and her mind on him. She was dying to see him every day yet was afraid that he might find her annoying due to the frequent encounter. Thus, she racked her brains to come up with excuses to chance an encounter with him. However, she was growing unsettled by the situation. Andrea had the feeling that it was all but a one-woman show in this game of love. He knew nothing of it and was not aware that she liked him. It was highly unlikely they would be together in the end. On the other hand, she could muster the courage to confess her feelings. However, she sim

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