Chapter 876 Bringing Her Shopping

The man’s eyes brightened as he looked at Vickie. “Massage where? My body? Are you going to massage me?” Her bright smile immediately darkened and she scoffed. “Dream on. Massage yourself!” Then, she got up and stormed out in a huff. Gregory really did not expect her to be angry. He did not even realize what his words insinuated. It only dawned on him that he had said something wrong when he came back to his senses, and the woman had already walked to the door. He quickly corrected himself, “Hey, that’s not what I meant. Don’t misunderstand. I…” “I don’t care what you meant.” Vickie turned around and said viciously, “I’m telling you, you ‘d better put away those dirty thoughts you have of me, or else…Hmph!” She raised her small fist and made a threatening gesture before striding out. Gregory felt very wronged. Extremely wronged. He sat there, feeling that he clearly did not do anything. Everything had been brought up by the woman herself, so how did he become the villain in the

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