Chapter 914 Overthinking

Only when she finished the bowl of medicine did Gregory call a maid over to retrieve the bowl. He sat beside Vickie and looked at her, asking, “How much of the past few weeks do you remember?” Vickie’s face paled at that. She looked at Gregory, her bright eyes filled with confusion. Gregory’s eyes darkened. From her expression alone he knew that she probably did not remember much at all. It was rather strange. During her time in captivity, she was just locked up in there. It did not seem like anyone came to regularly check on her. According to her, they never tortured her or interrogated her. Other than that, she could not think of anything else during that time. She had no idea why this was the case. Gregory was not aware of what she experienced the whole time, let alone why she could not remember. He had not told anyone about this issue yet, not even Gideon and Nell. Plus, there was another crucial thing. Gregory was not sure why either. Vickie was clearly safe at home

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