Chapter 918 No Wife, No Talk

Only after that did Jeff wave Louis off. “You may leave.” Louis turned and left. Jeff sat there for a while longer before heading out as well. He lived in a large, antique-looking mansion. The front had a few rooms while the back had a large flower garden with beautiful exotic flowers and plants. There were even a few hundred-year-old trees. Scattered in the center of the garden was an ancient rhyme. Jeff walked along the stone path until he reached a fake mountain in the middle. After pressing some buttons on the mountain, the fake mountain made of jagged rocks split open to reveal a hidden passageway. He continued walking in along the path. The air inside was a little chilly and a cool breeze blew. Jeff continued down a winding stone path for another two minutes or so and the scenery began to brighten up. In front of him was a large stone house surrounded by ice. In the middle of the house was a crystal coffin, completely transparent. If anyone else were here right now,

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