Chapter 934 Let’s Celebrate Together

“The reason why it’s known as the Arcane Jade isn’t because it’s made out of jade, but because it's entirely crystal clear. It looks like jade, but in fact, it’s a different material from jade. Some people speculate that this unknown and mysterious substance is what leads to the magical final result. As we can see, the rumors are not fake. “Today, Mr Gregory is willing to display this treasure and let every single one of you examine and observe it because this huge matter is difficult to accomplish single-handedly. In the beginning, the twelve Arcane Jade pieces are scattered across every corner of the world. If anyone wanted to gather all twelve pieces of the Arcane Jade by himself, I’m afraid it’s unachievable in one’s lifetime. “Ladies and gentlemen, everyone who is here today is a big shot, well known on the streets. Mr Gregory hopes to invite all of you to take part in this mission to search for the Arcane Jade. If anybody can find it or provide useful clues, after the Arcane J

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