Chapter 96 His Fiancee

“This is the plan you made for this year?” Gideon’s voice was low and cold, carrying the prestige that could only belong to someone who outranked you. The project manager lowered his head and almost broke out in cold sweat. “President Leith, the company’s plan for this year is to preserve the achievements of last year. Now that the market economy is in a doldrum, we all feel that it won’t be beneficial to expand too quickly, so…” “The market is in a doldrum… so just preserve the achievements of last year?” Gideon sneered and suddenly threw the plans in his hand with a bang. The papers hit the project manager’s face, and the man closed his eyes in pain. The meeting room immediately became engulfed in a pin-drop silence. Everyone held their breaths. Gideon said in a harsh voice. “That’s your excuse for trying to fool me with something even a fresh graduate can come up with? Preserve the achievements of last year? The Jincheng branch has maintained its achievements for three years, but th

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