Chapter 982 Meeting The In-Laws

Old Madam Quinton’s tone was very gentle on the phone. “Nelly, are you at home now?” Nell put down her chopsticks and went outside before saying, “No, Grandma. Did something happen?” Old Madam Quinton laughed. “I’m fine, I’m just asking. I heard that… you’ll be going to Country T in a few days?” “Yes, Aunt took a fancy to a jade mine, and I feel pretty good about it too, so I plan to go there with Gideon in a few days to take a look.” “Well, in that case, be careful on the road. You have to pay attention to your health. If there’s anything that has to be done, make Gideon do them. Don’t let yourself get too tired.” Nell laughed. “I know, Grandma. Don’t worry.” “Alright.” Old Madam Quinton did not hang up, and Nell was too embarrassed to hang up too. However, if the other party did not speak up, Nell would not know what she wanted. After half a minute, she could not bear it any longer and so she asked, “Grandma, is there anything else you want to say to me?” On the other end,

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