chapter ONE:

Ashley's POV Brief Introduction, I belong to the family of the god of war ancestry, Tusa. I'm Ashley Tusa and my twin sister is Aurora Tusa. My Dad is an Alpha King and my mom is the Luna, the queen of the ancestry we represent. We all have the power of strength and everyone of us is gifted with a special power and it signifies the kind of ancestry we belong to and the god we are serving. Our power is different from other set. Their own god determines the power they'll get but ours is the most unique. I would be the next Alpha king and my sister is the next Luna queen as it should be, but probably not this for this ancestry. Sometimes Dad would leave the crew to me to be in charge of, he said if I take good care of it, he's ready to step down real soon and I'll finally be the next Alpha king. I can see I'm trying my best because nowadays I gain alot respect from people, I think I'm doing well. Another family under the god of war crew are Athena, Stoll, Aeryn and Rene. Stoll is the Beta, Athena is a bitch and Aeryn and Rene are their Mom and Dad respectively. Everything is going on fine with us, regarding our god, power, way of living, our mate.. Oh Mate... we all get to know who our Mate is even before we became teen. Aurora's mate is Merlin, he is literally my best friend and he'll be the next warrior. I'm rooting for him. I called Athena a bitch because she rejected her own Mate because she thought she might be my Luna eventually. Everyone has found their own mate and I've searched almost every ancestry to find mine. Where in the world is my own Mate? Well I gave up finding my Mate a long time ago. I guess she's dead already or something. Since Athena likes me and would want to be my Luna, I played along wisely. The ball is in my court. Enough of the introduction, you will know more about us as the time goes on. I staggard to the Feast table reluctantly since everyone was yelling my name to join them at the table. I was barely hungry yet I left what I was doing to catch up with them. Arrrrgh! Athena was there too. "I'm not eating" I smirked. I changed my mind because of Athena's presence. She's just too clingy.. when will she get to understand that she's just being used until my mate comes around herself. "Why are you not eating?" My caring mom, the Luna asked. "No appetite. I'm suddenly filled" I lied to her, so she won't get worried about anything.. And I gave Athena an aweful look.. Coming over to my place and acting like the next Luna .. duh, it's never gonna be possible. "Oh Good" My Twin sister, Aurora.. took my meal and added it into hers. Mixed seasoned Boiled and fried flesh.. I turned to return to my chamber. "Ashley, why are you not eating?" Athena asked. Dumb! She was just there when I said, I'm alright... Filled.. why is she asking the question again? "You are the only one that doesn't understand the word 'No, I'm not eating, I'm filled' I'm Okay! Okay!" I yelled, ignoring Everyone's presence. "Calm down! Ashley. You either leave here or join us at the table! You don't have to tell" My Dad scolded. He values table manners alot. I know I'm exaggerating... I'm just irritated by her presence that's all. I think I'm getting tired of her. 'Yet you cum in her mouth' My Wolf groan.. and I smirked and tried to calm myself and join them at the feast table.. beside Athena, I had no choice because the table was filled up, literally everyone were here too. "Sorry. Good morning Love" She said but I snubbed her. You are only my svx mate and not my heart mate! I wanted her to know that straight and clear. "Hey Ashley" Stoll, her easy going brother said to me.. He was sitting right in front of me, so we stretched our hands to have an handshake, disregarding the table etiquettes. The nice aroma coming from all sides was so tempting and Athena noticed that I was craving for some, then she unexpectedly shove a spoon of the meal into my mouth. "What!" I spat. "Sorry" She said All eyes were on me.. did I just fail people I was trying to impress that I would be a good Alpha King in future. Just because this girl keeps vexing me or yes it's me being vex unnecessarily. "Sorry" I said to everyone and looked at the stern face of my Dad. "But who made this?" I lied as if that why I shouted and spat. Glinda, our human cook overheard and ran over to the feast table. She bow her head, trembling.. "You pathetic human! You made this meal!" I yelled at the innocent young woman.. and threatened her with my power of fire by pointing my palm at her face. Human hate when we show them our supernatural powers. They are very scared of it. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry.. She insisted that she will cook the meal herself" Glinda said. I don't get it.. I looked at everyone, trying to figure out whom Glinda was referring to. "Control yourself Ashley! I don't know what might have gotten into you this morning!" My Dad cautioned. "Take down your fire!" He ordered and I did. "Glinda, you can continue what you were doing. I'll sort it out" "Thank you sir" She said and hurried out of our privacy. "Athena cooked this meal" My Mom told me. "Yeah I cooked " Athena smiled widely. "What?" I exclaimed.. and my wolf almost jumped out. "And as you can see, everyone enjoys it.." She added. "And the meal is delicious, I don't know why you are being this way Ashley" My sister said. "He didn't know from the onset and my sister can be really annoying you don't know" Stoll told Ashley. "It was a surprise, I wanted my fiancee to have a taste of my main meal, I want you to know that I'm a great cook. But I don't know why you are reacting this way to me.." She said "But you're better when we are in your chamber" She whispered this part.. "Come let's talk!" I pulled her hand and we were already walking out of the feast hall when two guards rushed in. "We caught a scoundrel exactly at our border" He said. "Really? Where is he? Who is he? Where is he from?" My Dad stood up immediately. "She! We tied her down already. She might be a spy! I think she was sent over here!" They said. "Take me to that female rogue" He said... "Ashley, follow me" He said and changed to his wolf form. Dad's wolf is the biggest wolf in this ancestry and the scariest to human. I changed to wolf too and growl at Athena. What I actually said was that, I'll deal with you and I know she understands. ***** ****
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