The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 101 Berated for Three Days

Chapter 101 Berated for Three Days

When Mitchell found out about this, he found it unbelievable that Old Master Ferguson dealt with his former daughter-in-law in such a ruthless and despicable way. Even Mitchell began to sympathize with Nicole. Eric Ferguson was quiet for a long time, making the silence in the office unbearable. “Bang!” Eric suddenly kicked away the chair and took his jacket as he stormed out with a gloomy face. His car raced to the Ferguson Villa. When Eric saw the maid, he asked in a deep voice, “Where’s the Old Master?” The maid trembled. “The Old Master went to West Hill Villa…” Eric turned around and left. The maid chased after him and said, “Young Master, the Old Master said that he wouldn’t see you until the matter is resolved.” Hearing this, Eric stopped in his tracks. His gaze was harsh as he stared at the maid. “What did you say?” The maid shrank back in fear with a pale face, not daring to speak again. Eric gritted his teeth and went back into his car, then took out his phone to cal

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