The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 100 Who’s Her Sugar Daddy?

Chapter 100 Who’s Her Sugar Daddy?

“What’s going on?” “Someone posted an article with so much made-up bullsh*t about you, but the main thing is that it can’t be suppressed! Quick, go look!” Yvette spoke with urgency. Nicole hung up and went online. Sure enough, her name became the top trending topic once again. With a sigh, Nicole clicked into the article and read the comments. [Nicole has no status or family background. How did she become the Vice President of a listed company?] [Nicole divorced without getting a penny. How did she afford to buy a Cayenne?] [Who is Nicole’s sugar daddy?] [*waits impatiently for an exposé*] ...... The photos of Nicole with Grant, Kai, Ian, and some clients were posted online as so-called evidence. It made it seem like her love life was extremely messy and that her divorce was not as righteous as she had put it earlier. Public opinion was skewed towards the worst possible description of Nicole. Nicole’s face sank. She immediately went online to check that day’s stock market.

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