Chapter 99 No Brain

What Keith said to Nicole earlier was infuriating. Wendy Quade most probably got kicked in the head because of that, so they deserved it. The corners of Keith’s lips twitched. He looked at Eric and said, “Is she saying that I don’t have a brain?! What did I say that was so wrong?” Eric raised his eyes, which were deep and dark. His tone was cold. “What do you think?” ‘Well… I admit that I went a little overboard, but that’s only because I was too anxious about Wendy’s life, which was Hendrick’s only dying wish! How would I know that Wendy’s slight bruise looked so serious?’ “But still… That woman shouldn’t have hit someone!” ‘She must be so angry right now! If I really offended that woman, would she post my nudes in a fit of anger?!’ Eric’s eyebrows were tightly knitted. “Take her to the hospital for a checkup. I have to leave first.” “What?” Keith was surprised. “No, I have something to do too!” ‘I need to apologize to Nicole before she remembers that she has my nudes! I’m a

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