The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1028 I Really Like You

Chapter 1028 I Really Like You

Nicole finished speaking. Clayton’s hand movements stiffened slightly. From above, he saw her dark hair and her white and tender neck. Just pressing it lightly was enough to leave marks on it. It made him feel the urge to leave a mark, yet he could not bear to do so. When she spoke, her voice was soft like a spring breeze or a fountain of water flowing into his heart. No one had ever told him “you’re not in the wrong” before. The maid clearly saw that his mother jumped down by herself back then, but she spread the word that he pushed his mother instead. Saying that could satisfy some people’s curious minds. His father clearly fell down the stairs on his own accidentally, but he believed in Isaac’s words and thought that it must be Clayton who pushed him from behind. Thus, Clayton became a heinous person. It was as if Clayton’s existence was a mistake. It was as if he did not deserve forgiveness. However, Clayton never did anything wrong. Nicole’s words suddenly made him feel

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