Chapter 1029 He Won’t Change His Last Name

Clayton looked at Nicole and smiled. “Do you think anyone would believe me?” Compared to the beloved Isaac, everyone was more willing to believe that it was Clayton who did it. Nicole choked. Isaac was really detestable. “From that point on, I was kicked out of the company and my father began to be wary of me. He held back my activities everywhere and handed over the company and everything at home to his younger brother, Isaac. Just then, Michael’s father got into an accident, and he entrusted Michael and his wife to me. At that time, I overheard that Isaac was afraid of having an additional person to share the inheritance, so he wanted to kill Michael’s mother and Michael. I immediately took them under my wing and got married as fast as I could.” Clayton looked at Nicole when he said this. After all, his last marriage brought about a lot of opinions regarding him and put him in the criticisms of many people. He was already used to it. However, he did not want Nicole to get used

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