Chapter 1030 He’ll Know

Nicole pouted but nodded in agreement. “You’re right.” Clayton bowed his head to turn on the stove. “I saw that your fridge was too empty when I came by several times before, so I bought some stuff to fill it up. Since you didn’t know about it, that means you really didn’t touch it before, huh?” Nicole touched her nose guiltily. “I was too busy to come back and cook.” She also preferred to eat outside at this time. However, she was surprised. ‘The ingredients here were all bought by Clayton? Why did I never notice it before?’ Less than ten minutes later. Clayton came out with two bowls of marinara pasta. The color was tempting, and the aroma was enticing. Nicole instantly became hungry. She never thought that Clayton, who looked like he led a pampered life, would be so good at cooking. Clayton handed the bowl over. “Dig in and have a good rest afterward.” Nicole nodded. “Aren’t you going to rest too?” Clayton had not slept all night either. He looked at her with a twinkl

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