The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1033 I’ll Kiss You

Chapter 1033 I’ll Kiss You

Clayton looked at Lil Michael speechlessly. He really wanted to reach out and drag him out of Nicole’s arms. ‘Did he not see who came in first to save him?! Was there something wrong with this kid’s eyes? He had clearly cried “Daddy! Daddy!” the loudest earlier!’ Clayton thought. It was really incomprehensible. Before Clayton could think anything, the three large men whose only bargaining chip ran away from them immediately fell to their knees with a thud. “It has nothing to do with us! It was Mr. Isaac Sloan who told us to do this!” Nicole was speechless. Sure enough, people who were not cultivated personally easily betrayed their masters. Clayton was not surprised at all and laughed coldly. “I didn’t ask such a childish question.” There was no need to surrender so hurriedly. The men exchanged glances. Clayton looked around. “Did Eric Ferguson buy this house?” The men replied carefully, “Yes.” His eyes deepened slightly and sank coldly. “Since you haven’t caused any har

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