The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1034 Use What in Exchange?

Chapter 1034 Use What in Exchange?

Nicole grinned and touched his little face. “Your daddy was worried about you. He didn’t sleep all night because he was looking for you!” Lil Michael leaned over dubiously and pulled Clayton’s arm, shaking it. “Daddy is the best to me!” Clayton’s heart softened. He tousled Lil Michael’s hair and smiled. “Do you remember how you were kidnapped yesterday? I told you so many times not to trust others, but you still got abducted?” Lil Michael scratched his head and blinked his little eyes. “No, that big meanie Isaac waved at me. I knew him, so I walked over, but then I fainted. Then I woke up at that little house...” Lil Michael trailed off weakly. His voice became softer when he saw Clayton’s increasingly solemn face. The boy slowly moved back to Nicole and gently held her fingers. Lil Michael blinked at her. Nicole cleared her throat and quickly changed the topic. “It seems like Isaac came prepared. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have taken Lil Michael so smoothly. But what purpose d

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