Chapter 103 Admit Fault?

Kai carefully looked at the phone in Nicole’s hand. ‘Yes… That’s really mine!’ Everyone in the Stanton family used Nicole’s birthday as their password so that Nicole could remember it easily. Thus, Nicole made the payment without any hassle. The corners of Kai’s mouth twitched. He suddenly missed the sister who only asked for a yacht, which at least saved him money. Although $800 million was not a large sum for Kai, he still felt a little empty when the money evaporated just like that. Kai patted his chest to comfort himself. ‘It’s okay… She’s my sister, so it’s right for her to spend my money. What’s more, it’s only eight hundred million! All that matters is her happiness...’ Tigger was finally friendly with him and rubbed its head on his lap, acting cute. Kai’s attention was diverted, so he carried Tigger and went to play somewhere else. That afternoon, besides Nicole’s scandal, the name “@RichBaby” quickly climbed to one of the top hot topics online. [This is the first time I

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