The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 104 This Petty Bastard

Chapter 104 This Petty Bastard

Old Master Ferguson wanted to drag Nicole’s reputation through the mud so that it would be impossible for her to continue working for Stanton Corporation. ‘He thinks I’ll be willing to submit to him and work as a manager in a small subsidiary under the Ferguson Corporation? This old geezer had the cheek to say this?!’ Nicole thought. She sneered. “Chairman Ferguson, I can’t possibly afford to take alms from your family. You should just save it for the dogs.” “Nicole, don’t force me to get tough with you!” Old Master Ferguson threatened her. ‘How can this woman be so insensitive?’ The smile on Nicole’s face faded. “Chairman Ferguson, I just hope that you don’t regret it.” Nicole was very interested to see Old Master Ferguson’s remorseful look later. Since Old Master Ferguson was so cruel, there was no need for her to show any mercy. After hanging up, Nicole calmly gave Grant a call. “Big Brother, when is Dad coming back?” Grant chuckled. “What, you miss him already? His flight

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