Chapter 1043 Kill Him

Nicole was too angry to be rational. “So, they’re just going to let it be? Everyone’s scolding Julie now. What did she do wrong?” Julie only abandoned a vain Roman and made Roman taste his own bitter fruit. Why should Julie have to face all this? Dominic sighed. “I understand, but it has already happened. Even if we withdraw it, it’ll be too late. The most important thing is to stop that guy from talking. Your third brother has gone out to find him. I’m now worried if someone will get hurt…” Nicole’s expression changed dramatically. She immediately hung up the phone and ran out. "Logan, if there’s anything, get my big brother to deal with it. Don’t contact me if it’s not urgent.” Logan replied, “Understood.” He knew that Julie was Nicole’s best friend, so at this time, Nicole would never stay out of it. Nicole called Kai like crazy, but no one answered. With Kai’s temper, he could really beat Roman to death! She asked Dominic. “Do you know where Roman is now? Where did my

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