Chapter 1044 For the Money

Not to mention that no one would be able to step forward to clarify for Julie, Roman’s death might even be blamed on Julie. When the time comes, Julie would not be able to rid herself of those slanderous allegations. Kai’s eyebrows twitched slightly. His Adam’s apple bobbed. He said in a hoarse voice, “I’ll kill him to avenge her!” Roman’s body trembled violently. When he heard this, Roman cowered in the corner in fear. Nicole tugged on Kai’s arm and stared at his face. “There’s no rush for that. He’ll get his comeuppance eventually. Don’t get your hands dirty. I’ll keep watch here and wait for someone to come and take him away. You should go look for Julie!” When Kai heard Julie’s name, a hint of darkness crossed his eyes. He could not bear to see this happen to Julie and felt heartbroken. Kai did not want to leave because he did not want to let the son of a b*tch Roman off the hook so simply. Nicole tugged on Kai’s arm. “Go! Don’t let Julie do something stupid!” Kai’s bod

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