Chapter 1056 Sweetheart

Clayton’s voice was deep and husky as he comforted Nicole. “Don’t be upset. Why don’t you think about what gift you want to prepare for Kai?” “Gift?” “He’s with Ms. Nixon, so don’t you want to congratulate them?” Nicole was blushing as her heart pounded. “It’s not certain yet…” Julie’s attitude was ambiguous. It was not at all clear what Julie was thinking. Clayton laughed. “After this incident, it’s pretty certain.” Nicole looked at him suspiciously. “How are you so sure?” “Shall we make a bet?” Nicole asked, “Bet on what?” Clayton lowered his head to look at Nicole with a smile. “If you lose, can you cook a meal for me personally?” Nicole was stunned. “That simple?” Clayton chuckled. Nicole suddenly felt a little guilty. She did not seem to have done such a simple request before. From the moment they met until now, Nicole had only made Clayton a bowl of soup when he had a fever. She nodded without even thinking about it. “It’s a deal!” Kai chased after Julie for s

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