The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1057 Treat Money Like Dirt

Chapter 1057 Treat Money Like Dirt

Nicole was shocked. She held back her laughter and clicked into the trending topics to take a look. It was at dusk when Kai carefully shielded Julie in his arms as they walked out of the hospital and were photographed. In the photo, the two of them did not wear masks and sunglasses. They appeared in the public eye openly. Julie was very calm and gently put her hand on Kai’s arm. Her expression was clear and cold. Kai had a look of caution. The heartbreak and protectiveness in his eyes were pretty much written on his face. This was the superstar Kai that mere mortals could not approach. The reason why the word “sweetheart” appeared was that everyone saw the couple’s ring that they were wearing. For a moment, the online discussion could not be suppressed, and this incident shot up to the trending topics. The servers were even down for a while. Forty minutes later when the servers were back up, countless netizens' comments came flooding in. [Kai is married?! I always thought he

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