The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1058 Hurry and Hang Up Now

Chapter 1058 Hurry and Hang Up Now

As a woman who was serious about her career, Nicole would love to persuade Clayton to be calm in his feelings. However, on second thought, Clayton was only not calm when it involved Nicole, so it did not seem so bad. Moreover, the feeling of being taken seriously felt very nice. Nicole nodded at the thought and smiled at Clayton. “I can relate.” ‘I can relate to how happy he is. The happiness and wholesome feeling when I make millions of dollars is simply too addictive!’ Clayton froze, and his smile deepened. Just as he was about to say something, Nicole lowered her head and started to eat. He swallowed back his words. A moment later, Clayton’s phone rang several times. The cost of delaying an afternoon of work was to prioritize the most urgent matters. Thus, Clayton had no choice but to leave first. Nicole sent him out and finished her portion. She then hurriedly tried to call Kai. His line was busy. Nicole paused and called Julie. Coincidentally, her line was also bus

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