The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1059 Never Get Married

Chapter 1059 Never Get Married

Nicole thought about it for a moment, steadied her emotions, and picked up. “Hello?” Yvette’s voice came through. “Nicole, is Julie really with Kai now?” Nicole laughed. “Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either, so I just called to confirm.” Yvette’s voice was brisk. “That’s great! It’s good that they’re together. They obviously like each other, so why do they have to put up so many obstacles for themselves?” Nicole curled her lips. Her voice deepened as she said, “What about you?” Yvette froze in silence. Nicole really could not help it. If it was someone else, Nicole would not even bother to ask about it, but that was Yvette. No matter what, Nicole did not want Yvette to be hurt again. Those gossips would just hurt Yvette over again. Nicole then asked, “Aren’t you also putting up obstacles for yourself?” After a long time, Yvette’s voice trailed off. “You know all about it?” “He blatantly came to pick you up, so it’s hard not to know about it.” ‘Wasn’t Sean Moore’s behavio

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