The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1060 The Arrogant Mistress

Chapter 1060 The Arrogant Mistress

Yvette and Sean were two extremely selfish people that were together. They only cared about their emotions and disregarded the network of interests affected. Nicole paused for a few seconds and sighed. “Since you’ve decided, I wish you all the best.” Yvette seemed to have completely stepped out of her obsession with Grant. Yvette just felt a little resentful that she could not get Grant when she was young, but she felt even more regretful. She was willing to hide her true feelings for Grant’s happiness. Sean, on the other hand, was like a drug that attracted her because he had the same energy levels and connected to her soul. Yvette was willing to ruin all that she had for Sean and was willing to break away from everything to be with him. After they hung up, Yvette stood on the windward side of the balcony with a very relaxed expression. She did not have to spend so much effort to hide this anymore. When she turned around, she saw Sean’s dark face staring at her from behind.

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