The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1061 Annoying Seductress

Chapter 1061 Annoying Seductress

Yvette actually never intended to marry Sean. Sean did not care about marriage. Otherwise, he would not trade his marriage for Yvette, but he knew that Yvette cared. Thus, he got a divorce. When he heard Yvette say that she did not want to get married because she was afraid of shame, what else could he do? Yvette bowed her head and laughed, then looked up at him warmly with a hint of lingering affection in her eyes. She stretched out her slender arms and wrapped them around the man’s neck. Her devilish gaze hooked his soul. Her tender, stunning face was pressed against his chest. Her soft words and her laughter were compelling to his ear. “I know that you’ve done all that you can, and I will always remember everything you did for me. Even if we get married, we can still get divorced. We can just be together forever like this…” Sean felt a sharp pain in his chest. Obviously, the woman’s every move made him fall so deeply in love that he could not extricate himself. However, e

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