The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1064 Mrs. Ferguson Was Not Very Useful

Chapter 1064 Mrs. Ferguson Was Not Very Useful

The possessiveness in Eric’s bones was surging the whole time. When Eric heard that Ian would invite Nicole, Eric came to try his luck. Unexpectedly, Nicole was really standing in front of him. “I was on a business trip abroad some time ago and asked someone to bring you a gift. Why didn’t you accept it?” Eric suppressed his overwhelming emotions. He had carefully selected those gifts according to Nicole’s favorite style. How could she not like them? Nicole forced a smile and said in a polite and cold voice, “How can I just accept gifts from you for no reason? It’s not appropriate.” One sentence put a clear boundary between them. Eric’s expression changed a few times. His eyes sank slightly. “Was Clayton’s son rescued?” Nicole nodded. “Fortunately, he’s okay.” Eric noticed that Nicole did not have a hint of gratitude. Perhaps she was suspecting that Eric and Isaac Sloan had a private deal. Eric’s face sank even more. “The Sloan family’s background is complicated. Don’t ta

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