The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1065 A Reasonable Explanation

Chapter 1065 A Reasonable Explanation

A chill shrouded Eric’s body. Eric’s gaze was cold and deadly as he stared at Clayton’s hand that was holding Nicole’s thin waist. Eric really wanted to chop Clayton to pieces. The person opposite spoke in surprise. “She’s not Mrs. Ferguson? I... I’m not mistaken, right?” He looked at Nicole again. Although Nicole’s temperament had become a bit cooler, her looks were still so stunning that it left a deep impression on others. How could he have recognized the wrong person? Clayton smiled. He was gentle and modest, but with a vague coldness in his tone. “This is my girlfriend. She has nothing to do with Mr. Ferguson.” Clayton looked at Eric, hooked his lips, and slowly took Nicole’s hand as he smiled. “Your good friend is here. Do you want to go over and say hello?” Nicole froze, so Clayton lifted his chin. Following his direction, Nicole saw Livia, who was waving at Nicole. Nicole smiled and could not wait to leave this awkward situation immediately. “Sure, let’s go over.

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