Chapter 1066 Coax Me

As soon as Clayton left, Livia glanced at his back and said, “Congratulations!” Nicole smiled. “Thank you. Why isn’t Nathaniel here?” Although Livia and Nathaniel’s romance was still kept secret and not exposed, according to Nathaniel’s character, he would definitely follow Livia. Livia smiled. “He’s busy with the show preparation on the set, so he came for a while and left just now.” Nicole raised her eyebrows. It looked like the two of them had a good relationship. The two ladies talked for a while longer. Clayton came back and glanced at Nicole, who immediately understood. Nicole said goodbye to Livia and bid goodbye to Lance before she left. In the car. Nicole opened the car window for some air, but Clayton closed the window and looked at her. “It’s still a little cold at night, and you’re wearing so little. Do you want to end up in the hospital?” Although those were words of reproach, his tone was helpless and doting. Nicole laughed. “You’re not angry anymore?” When th

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