Chapter 1070 Pulled Down

Nicole froze. Clayton’s back faintly stiffened. He also heard it. He suddenly turned around and took Nicole’s hand to walk forward with their fingers interlocked. ‘Haha! Ms. Sloan?!’ Clayton thought. The teacher looked at them and was a little confused by that action. ‘Why do they look more and more like a couple? When they were inside, Michael’s sister didn’t call him Dad the whole time either…’ ...... Nicole pursed her lips. Her hand was tightly clutched by Clayton. She looked a little embarrassed and hastily changed the subject. “I thought I could solve it myself. I didn’t think that you’d still have to come.” The corners of Clayton’s mouth held a light smile. His gaze was warm and soft. “I’m used to this kind of thing. Michael just hasn’t gotten used to this place yet, but he’s always had a strong ability to adapt, so he’ll be fine soon.” Nicole nodded her head. “Did it delay your meeting?” Clayton squeezed her hand. His gaze drifted to her face. “I think it delayed y

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