Chapter 1071 Piss Him Off

Nicole walked over. Someone immediately went over to open the car door. Clayton sat inside and smiled at her. “Ms. Stanton, you’re so pretty today.” Nicole smiled and stroked her hair by her ear. “Mr. Sloan, I’ve heard this kind of praise so much until my ears get calluses.” Clayton froze for a moment, then his smile deepened. “It’s only right for you to get calluses from hearing this. After all, what I said comes from the heart.” Nicole rolled her eyes at him. ‘Clayton’s slick tongue must be his natural ability. I really can’t beat him in this aspect.” The driver hurriedly got into the car with his head bowed and tried to minimize his presence. Soon, they arrived at the venue. Clayton got out to open the door for Nicole. Once they were inside, many people came up to exchange pleasantries. Nicole chatted for a while and found an excuse to get out, then ran away by herself to sit on the sofa and breathed a sigh of relief. In less than a minute, a tall figure stood behind he

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