The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 1075 Change a Partner for a Marriage Alliance

Chapter 1075 Change a Partner for a Marriage Alliance

Nicole froze. Her face sank slightly. She raised her eyebrows and had a playful smile on her face. “Chairman Sloan, normally when parents want to split up their child’s relationship, they’ll slap a check to the other half. But according to my net worth, you ought to hit me with a gold mine.” ‘He wants me to break up with Clayton with a word or two? Are you kidding me? No one dares to force me to break up with Clayton.’ Nicole thought. Quavon frowned for a moment and instantly understood. “Ms. Stanton, I don’t have any discontent with you. I just feel that…” Quavon gritted his teeth. His face sank. “You might be a better match for Isaac!” For a moment, the surroundings were silent. Nicole blinked and thought she had misheard. “Isaac Sloan?” ‘That idiot?’ Nicole thought. Quavon nodded. “Isaac is the rightful heir to the Sloan family. He’s wealthy and has a lot of capital. If our two families join in marriage, your future will definitely be smooth sailing, Ms. Stanton.” Nico

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